Successful 2015 Spring Admissions Completed

Spring-Admission-2015Monterey College of Law completed the first Spring Semester admission cycle in the school’s history with great success, reported Dean of Admissions Wendy LaRiviere. “This is the first time in MCL’s 43-year history that we offered a Spring enrollment,” said Asst. Dean LaRiviere. “The community response caught us somewhat by surprise. Not knowing what to expect, we set a very modest enrollment target of ten new students for the Spring pilot program. However, we ended up with 29 applicants, out of which 18 enrolled for the Spring semester and nine decided to carry over their applications to the Fall admissions cycle.” With the Spring semester underway, the admissions office is now accepting applications for the Fall 2015 semester. “It is not too early to submit your application for Fall,” said LaRiviere. “With the Spring admissions process completed, we are ready to begin reviewing Fall 2015 applications. If the preliminary calls and internet inquiries are any indication, our Fall admissions are likely to continue right where Spring left off . . . exceeding expectations.”

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