San Luis Obispo College Of Law expects applicants to have a strong desire to study law and a solid academic background. As an opportunity law school, we look at each applicant individually to evaluate whether their unique background indicates that they have the requisite skills and interests to be successful in the study of law. Previous academic record, LSAT scores, employment history, and life experience all play a role in our evaluation. Grades and test scores are considered in the broader context of the applicant’s personal information. Two of the major differences between SLOCL and traditional, large American Bar Association law schools (ABA) are that we accept a broader range of students and do not place as high a priority on standardized LSAT test scores for admission decisions.

First-Year Exams
Midterm examinations are required in all two-semester courses. If the first-year midterm grade in any course is higher than the grade on the final exam, the midterm exam will be counted 20% in calculating the final course grade. If the final exam grade is higher than the midterm exam grade, the midterm exam grade will not be used in any way.

Criteria for Final Course Grades
Academic standards are specified in the Student Handbook and are subject to periodic revision. Exam grading by faculty is on an anonymous basis, using student identification numbers to designate examination or assignment papers.