SBA October Minutes

SBA Meeting – October 18, 2011, 5:35pm; MCL Conference Room

  • Officers Present
    • Derric Oliver, President
    • Melissa Rosa, VP/Treasurer
    • Sonya Jifkins, Secretary
  • Representatives Present
    • Brandie Luis, class rep 2014
    • Ramon Campos, class rep 2013
    • Sung Rho, class rep 2013
    • Frank R. Raniolo, class rep 2015
    • Erik Frey, class rep 2015
    • Vanessa Cardinale, class rep 2012
    • Chris Kelly, Rep to the MCL Board of Trustees


  • Amendment of by laws
    • Voters present
      • Brandie Luis
      • Sung Rho
      • Erik Frey
      • Frank Raniolo
      • Ramon Campos
      • Christine Kelly
      • Melissa Rosa
      • Vanessa Cardinale
      • Lizzeth Gonzalez not present but gave her proxy to vote in writing authorizing Derric Oliver to approve all amendments. She has reviewed and approves all the changes proposed (copy available for viewing if requested) 
    • Things that need to be done: highlighted in green (in previous emailed copy)
    • SBA membership is not optional anymore; $60 a year (effective 2010)
    • Motions made by Derric Oliver, Present and Seconded by Ramon Campos, class rep 2013; Frank Raniolo, class rep 2015; and Erik Frey, Class rep 2015

Amendment 1) All unanimously approved

Amendment 2) All unanimously approved

Amendment 3) Honorary members; all unanimously approve

Amendment 4) Sec 4 pres all unanimously approve

Amendment 5) Exam packs all unanimously approve

Deletion of 20% of printing exam pack all unanimously approve

Amendment 6) Student ID cards responsible by Sec; all unanimously approve

Amendment 7) Communications by Sec for SBA sponsored events; all unanimously approved

Amendment 8) Review of accounts fall & spring at 1st meeting; all unanimously approved

Amendment 9) Class reps 2 elected; all approved

Amendment 10) Class reps exam packs distribution, deletion from treasurer section; all unanimously approved

Amendment 11) Student reps to bar to board of trustees

Responsibilities; all unanimously approved (skip elections and with all rights, privileges and removal until later date)

Amendment 12) Capitalization; all unanimously approved

Amendment 13) Removal of officers; all unanimously approved

Amendment 14) Officer/class reps or student reps good

 cause removal; all unanimously approved

(Amendments to by laws all approved)


  • ID pictures
    • Non 1Ls have option to replace card for $5
    • First card free for all 1Ls and transfers
    • Need School ID number to take picture
    • $35 charge logo for change of logo
    • 1L reps will take pictures
    • Sonya will take transfer students pictures 
    • By end of next week to have all pictures taken; discussed possibility of Frank doing Santa Cruz pictures, or Santa Cruz students may be in Seaside next Monday but TBD.


  • Exam Packs
    • Email exam pack spread sheets to Melissa
    • Possible extenuating circumstances fee waiver; ask students for a written request


  • Halloween Costume/Ice Cream social
    • 10/31 Monday 8pm in RM 1
    • Ice Cream social and costume contest
    • Contest Themes
      • Best of Show
      • Most creative
      • Law related
    • Prizes:
      • 2 movies tickets
      • $15 Starbucks gift card
      • Exam pack voucher (for one semester)


November 15th next meeting 5:30pm


Meeting adjourned at 6:25pm

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