The Law Schools believe that we are the first law schools in California to implement a policy of protecting students from tuition increases during their course of study. As long as a student remains continuously enrolled in good academic standing at the Law Schools, their tuition rate will not increase. This unique policy by the Law Schools’ Board of Trustees allows law students to estimate the entire cost of their law degree (excluding books and materials) at the time of their initial enrollment. In recent years, other law schools in California have increased tuition in-between academic years as much as 35%. Over the past six years, the Law Schools estimate that our tuition policy has resulted in more than $750,000 in lower tuition costs for students.

Annual tuition and fees are due in full at the time of registration. For those students in need of additional flexibility in paying their tuition and fees, the College of Law provides a tuition installment program (“TIP”). Under the TIP program, students are allowed to pay the annual amount due in monthly installments. Students wishing to use the TIP program must notify the College of Law’s Business Manager during Fall semester registration period.

Tuition (per academic year) for entering Class 2021 (Beginning January 2021). Students granted permission to take less than 12 units in an academic year will pay tuition of $850.00 per unit for that academic year.  $22,500.00*
*Tuition rate for students admitted in prior years was set at initial enrollment. 


Application Fee $75.00
Late Application Fee (applications submitted after June 1) $250.00
Reservation Fee (upon Acceptance) $500.00


Consolidated Student Fees $1350.00
Late Registration Fee (per semester) $200.00
Withdrawal Fee (after the 1st day of classes) $200.00
Add/Drop Fee (per change) $50.00
Late TIP Payment Fee (after 10th of the month) $50.00
Loan Processing Fee $30.00
Repeat Course Fee $600.00
Makeup Exam Preparation Fee (per exam) $600.00
Makeup Exam/ Proctoring Admin Fee (per exam) $100.00
Certification Fee for Non-MCL/SLOCL/KCCL Courses (per unit) $100.00
Graduation Fee $350.00

All items in red are Mandatory fees that are calculated during the registration process. Please make checks payable to “Monterey College of Law”. The College of Law also accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. Fees are subject to change upon reasonable notice. All fees are non-refundable.