MCL Announces 2014 Admission Grants

Dean of Admissions Wendy LaRiviere announced several new 2014 law school admission grants for members, employees, and family members of public sector and law-related groups. “If you, a member of your family, an employee, or their family members are considering law school, you should check with MCL to see if you are eligible for one of our 2014 admission grants,” said Dean LaRiviere. The board of trustees has authorized first-year admission grants for up to $2,500 per applicant for individuals affiliated with the Monterey and Santa Cruz Bar Associations, Monterey and Santa Cruz Women Lawyers Associations, Monterey and Santa Cruz County employees, the Monterey County Business Council, and Leadership Monterey Peninsula. “The law school has had such a strong and long-standing relationship with these organizations, that the Trustees wished to show the law school’s support for any of their members, employees, and family members who are interested in pursuing a legal education,” said LaRiviere. If you have questions about the admission grants or your possible eligibility, please contact Dean LaRiviere at or 831-582-4000.

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